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Mobility Bathrooms

At Adapt Contracts we have a specialist team for the design and installation bathrooms for the elderly and disabled. Each bathroom or shower room is designed to suit your needs.
An existing bathroom can be adapted, or a new bathroom or wetroom can be installed.

Creating a disability compliant bathroom may not be an easy task. However, it can make a world of
difference for your elderly or disabled loved one. Just by facilitating every day activities, you can
make life much more enjoyable.

Bathroom Instalations From Adapt Contracts

Mobility Bathrooms Explained

Level Access Showers
Level access or sometimes called Walk - In shower basically means that there is no step at all into the showering area. So gaining access into your shower means no trip hazards for the elderly and less able.
Fitted with Non - Slip Flooring the risk of slipping is reduced by a significant amount. Safety and comfort can be further improved with ancillary products such as grab rails, shower seats and half height shower doors.

Easy Access Shower Enclosures
Easy access or sometimes called Step - In means that the normal height needed to create a shower tray has been reduced by one mean or another, to reduce the height where you enter the shower. There are many types of easy access shower enclosures, designed for all types of installation.

Half Height Enclosure Doors
Half Height enclosure doors enable a carer or helper to assist a person using the shower without having to enter the showering area. They come in a variety of designs, designed to suit virtually any application. They are suitable for a installing with a shower tray or level access scenario.

Temporary Shower Cubicle
In some instances you may need to have a mobility shower installed on a temporary basis. These easy to install cubicles can be sited without the need to disrupt your existing bathroom. They come complete with everything needed, ready to use and suitable for the less able. They can be level access or surface mounted, and can be sited in a bedroom to create an ensuite facility, or in an a lternative room to the existingbathroom. For example they can be sited downstairs if it is not possible for a user to climb the stairs.

Types of Showers
There are 3 main types of showers available; Electric, Mixer Valve and All-in-one Power Shower. Each of these have either a non - regulated control or thermostatic version.

Thermostatic Showers control the temperature of the water and are very stable. The upper water temperature can be fixed to avoid scalding. They do not get suddenly very hot or cold because another family member uses a tap else where in the property.

Electric showers only heat the water that they use and are therefore very efficient.
May need substantial electrical work depending on the age and condition of the elctrics in the property.

Mixer Valves use the existing hot and cold water which may come from either the storage tanks and hot water cylinder or from a combination boiler. Mixer Valves can be coupled with a pump which then becomes a Power shower. It is important to ensure the existing hot water system has the capacity required.

All-in-one Power Showers are very similar to mixer vaporate a small pump within the housing of the shower.

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